Our Reviews Say it All

I used this law firm for my child custody case and divorce. After fighting in court for about 10 months nothing was happening. I hired the Schill Law firm and my lawyer Michelle got everything and I mean everything done in 1 day in court. I hate the court system. You will get NOTHING done WITHOUT a LAWYER!!!! That said my lawyer is Great and I Thank her very much! She had a lot of hurdles to overcome and only had 1 day to study everything. I was facing Contempt of court, and my wife was awarded temporary full legal decision making (full custody) of my kids. My ex also wanted $50,000 dollars and child support LOL. She was crazy. My Lawyer Michelle made it so no one owed anyone child support, my ex did not get a dime and I keep 100% of my business. My ex and I got 50/50 time with the kids. Good day all and all. If you don’t have a lawyer you will probably loose in court. GET A LAWYER!!!!!!!
-John H.

When I was faced with Divorce, I called John Schill. John explained the process to me, and quoted me a reasonable fee to handle my case. I am so happy I went with John Schill, as he was able to help me get full custody and child support! He was even able to get the Judge to make my husband pay my attorney fees! Thank you John Schill!

John is knowledgeable, well versed, well spoken in court. I found John to be professional and very well versed when representing me in my complex Divorce. John is very through, his office administrators are very professional, and extremely helpful and pleasant to deal with. I am glad I had John on my side during my divorce. John explained and guided me thru ever turn of my Divorce. Let me put it this way I would of not wanted my Ex to have John on her Side.
-Brian W.

Excellent Family Law Attorney. When my ex tried to take my child away from me, I did help, and I need help quickly. I contacted John Schill at the Schill Law Group and he answered all my questions and addressed my concerns. John then assigned Michelle from his firm to help me with my case, and Michelle was outstanding! She was a real bulldog! I would recommend John Schill, Michelle, and the Schill Law Group to anyone!

These guys are on it! They walked me through the process and explained everything to me. They were fast acting and kept in constant contact, I never worried or had to wait for them to update me on the case.
-Kristin W.

Contacted John Schill at the law group. What a great experience we have had as I sent my father do to his recent situation with my mother. They where extremely helpful, compassionate and understanding. And really gave my father a peace of mind before letting him walked out the door. I would 100% recommend THE SCHILL LAW GROUP.
-Felipe C.

The initial contact with The Schill Law Group has been positive. Mr. Schill and Mr. Evans both are knowledgeable and professional. I am happy that they are willing to provide a “flat” fee since My divorce is still pending. Once this case is completed I will post an updated review.
-Karen K.

So far so good….. Attorney Marc Lessow, in The Scholl Law Group, has proven to be well versed in family law. Don’t let his calm demeanor fool you….this man has fight when the situation calls for it. If you need a family attorney who listens to you no matter how crazy your situation might sound, studies your case, gives you an honest opinion with no hype, and is 110% prepared once in court….I have no qualms in recommending Attorney Marc Lessow.
-Brian W

This was such an easy Experience and I am so Happy I called them Jason made me feel so at ease and comfortable. And John answered all my questions and more!!!
-Tonya J