Child Support

The issue of child support can be raised in a divorce, paternity case or in modification and enforcement cases. Child support can be temporary, permanent, retroactive or prospective. Initial divorce cases have an element of retro-activity, as well as establishing the child support that will become permanent until there becomes a need to modify it. The same is true for paternity cases. At times, a parent refuses to pay court-ordered child support and it becomes necessary to bring this matter to the court’s attention through an enforcement proceeding. Incomes of both parents may increase or decrease in time and it becomes necessary to ask the court to modify the child support amount either up or down. Child support is federally mandated and there is an established procedure for determining the proper amount of child support.

In order to either receive or to pay the proper amount of child support, you should hire an experienced family law attorney. The attorneys at The Schill Law Group have extensive experience addressing all of the sub-issues involved with the calculation, establishment and enforcement of child support.

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