Child Custody

The issue of child custody is a central issue in divorce and establishment cases. It is also an issue that is addressed in post-divorce and post-establishment cases. In addition to addressing it during an initial proceeding, many times the first custody orders become obsolete due to changes in the dynamics of the families of both parents or because one of the parents has become unfit or their lifestyles require different custody orders. There are times when one parent is refusing to follow the court orders, thereby depriving the other parent of their right to participate in important child raising decisions. When this happens the wronged parent may file court papers requesting enforcement of the current order or court papers requesting the court to modify the current custody orders.   On January 1, 2013, the term “custody” was changed to “parental decision-making”, so if you hear that term it has the same meaning as custody did before this date. The issue of custody in paternity cases is treated the same way it is treated in divorce and post-decree proceedings.

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