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Our law firm has established a reputation in Scottsdale for providing the best possible legal assistance across a wide range of law areas. The Schill Law Group is renowned for our work in family law, criminal law, and DUIs.

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DUI Lawyers Fighting for You

In Arizona, a charge of driving a motorized vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is taken very seriously and can carry with it serious consequences. If you are facing a criminal DUI charge, you should contact the Schill Law Group immediately to immediately meet with a Scottsdale lawyer experienced in DUI defense. Our excellent lawyers handle DUI cases in Scottsdale every day. Because the state of Arizona takes these crimes so seriously, and the results for you could include jail time, loss of your driving privileges and much more, you need a an experienced lawyer fighting for your rights.

Our DUI lawyers in Scottsdale have years of experience in successfully handling countless DUI cases, and we can pinpoint situations where a wrongful arrest was made and help you build the strongest defense for your case. A DUI charge is a very serious thing, but you don’t have to face it alone. In Arizona, the Schill Law Group team has a reputation for our aggressive courtroom tactics. Rest assured that we are the Scottsdale law firm you can trust to have both the knowledge and experience to build a strong case for your defense and argue that case with passion and commitment. This winning “one-two punch” is one of the many reasons why clients from all over Arizona trust us more than any other Scottsdale DUI law firm to help them build an effective legal defense strategy and achieve the best possible result for them.

Family Law Attorneys That Care

Divorce and child custody disputes can be complicated and emotional processes to go through. There is not only the emotional element of dealing with the end of a marriage and separation of family members including children, but there are the details that must be dealt with such as division of assets, debt responsibilities, deciding what happens with the family home, and deciding details such as allocation of retirement accounts and other assets.

There may be issues of child support, spousal support, child custody, adoption, or even paternity. At Schill Law Group, our empathetic lawyers understand the stress and unpleasantness that can occur when you’re going through a divorce, but we also feel that you deserve to receive fair treatment and achieve a just outcome, and we are committed to ensure that you receive everything you deserve. Our Scottsdale divorce law firm will fight tirelessly for you and do our utmost to make sure you come out on the other side of the divorce process whole and equipped to move forward with your life. You and your case are much more than just a legal file or a number to us; our compassionate family law attorneys are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for each one of our clients.

Tenacious Criminal Law Professionals

One of the advantages you have when you hire the lawyers at Schill Law Group is the fact that we have former prosecutors on our staff who are knowledgeable in criminal law and who know every trick in the book out there. We know how to use that knowledge and our extensive courtroom experience to defend our clients for the best outcome possible. That’s why we’re known as the best criminal law Scottsdale law firm. At Schill Law Group, we know what to expect from prosecutors and we’re skilled in the effective use of dynamic legal strategies that will ensure the best outcome for your case. No matter what kind of criminal charges you’re dealing with, we will provide you with the personal attention and relentless legal representation you need and fight hard for your rights.